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Statement Musicians at Harrison Park c. 1935 or 1936of Purpose:

The goal of this annual Journal is to provide readers with information about the historical Black community of Grey County. Although the focus is on historical events and people within Grey County, the wider regional, provincial, national and international contexts that shaped Black history and presence in Grey County are also of interest to the Journal. Through essays, interviews and reviews, the journal highlights the work of organizations, historians and published authors. The Journal is launched annually.

Categories for Submission:

Regular Stream: This category includes articles based on historical research, biographical sketches, reviews of books and other resources, and reports on projects and community endeavours. All submissions are subject to review by the editorial board.

Peer Review Stream: This category is intended for those who wish to have their submissions reviewed by scholars within the field. Submissions will be sent out to at least two reviewers for blind review. Articles should be based upon original historical research and should be well-grounded within historical literature and scholarship. Optimal length of articles should be between 10 and 20 pages. For further information about the Peer Review Stream, contact Professor Naomi Norquay (, Faculty of Education, York University.

Submission Guidelines: All submissions must be double-spaced, have page numbers, use a font-size of 12. A bibliography and footnotes or endnotes must be included for all material referenced in the article. Full-length articles should normally not exceed 6,000 words. Reviews should normally be between 500 to 2000 words in length.

Style Guide:

For citations and referencing, the Journal generally follows the most recent edition of The Chicago Manual of Style. (back issues of the Journal provide abundant examples of citations). English spelling follows the most recent edition of the Canadian Oxford Dictionary. Northern Terminus aims to publish articles that use gender-neutral and "bias-free" language (i.e. do not use terms such as "lady" unless it is a title or description; do not use "Indian" - instead use "Aboriginal"). Editors reserve the right to edit accepted submissions and make changes where necessary. Please note that many place names have changed over time! Writers should try to be cognizant of these changes (i.e. present-day Ontario was called "Upper Canada" and "Canada West" at different times in its history.)

All submissions (in both the regular and the peer reviewed streams) will be reviewed by the editorial board.

Call for Submissions for Volume 13:

Submissions may be sent electronically to Karin Noble at

Submissions may be sent in print to: Karin Noble, Archivist, Grey Roots Museum & Archives, 102599 Grey Road 18, RR4, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6.

Journal Committee: Karin Noble, and Naomi Norquay.

This Journal is published in house at Grey Roots Museum & Archives. Each volume of Northern Terminus is initially published in print version only. Within in two years of publication in print, each volume will be posted online. Authors retain authority to publish their articles elsewhere, or otherwise do with their own work as they see fit. We rely on  volunteer submissions and sincerely appreciate the assistance of volunteer authors. Thank you!

The deadline for submissions for Volume 13 is January 4, 2016.

The Journal will be launched at the Grey County Black History Event taking place at Grey Roots on Saturday April 9, 2016.

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Past Issues

Check out covers and tables of contents for all volumes of Northern Terminus: The African Canadian History Journal. You may view an index of past titles and subjects (.pdf - 236 KB). All volumes can be purchased either in person, or by mail order, from our Museum Store. Some articles are also available online (see below). 

Volume 1 (2002)
(.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "'Dig WhereYou Stand': Challenging the Myth of the 'White Pioneer,'" pp. 1-6. (.pdf - 37.8 KB)
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Volume 2 (2003-2004)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Lorraine Brown, "Visitors Can Find Their Grey Roots," pp. 11-12. (.pdf - 92.5)
Stephanie McMullen, "From Slavery to Freedom: African Canadians in Grey County," pp. 13-15. (.pdf - 41.8 KB)
Karin Foster, "Book Review: Hidden in Plain View by Jacqueline L. Tobin and Raymond G. Dobard, PhD," pp. iii-iv. (.pdf - 81.4 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Event Review: Heritage Pathways Bus Tour of Historic Sites, Guided by Les MacKinnon," pp. iv-v. (.pdf - 84.2 KB)
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Volume 3 (2005-2006)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Clare McLean-Wilson, "Town Crier," pp. 5-6 (.pdf - 20 KB)
Clare McLean-Wilson, "A Triumph of Will," p. 7. (.pdf - 15.7 KB)
Heritage Article, "Tragedy of 'Nellie Gray' Linked with Owen Sound Colony of Escaped Slaves," pp. 11-14. (.pdf - 26 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Joan McNabb: Dramatizing a 'Small Part' of the History of the Underground Railroad," p. 33 (.pdf - 15.8 KB)
Clare McLean-Wilson, "Book Review: Death at Cross Plains: an Alabama Reconstruction Tragedy by Gene L. Howard," pp. iii-iv. (.pdf - 77.1 KB)
Bonna Rouse, "Book Review: I Came as a Stranger: The Underground Railway by Bryan Prince," pp. iv-v. (.pdf - 113 KB)
Stacy McLennan, "The 3rd Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. vii-viii. (.pdf - 77.1 KB)
Karin Foster, "The 4th Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. ix-x. (.pdf - 66.4 KB)
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Volume 4 (2007)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "America's Instrument: A Short History of the Banjo (Part One)," pp. 34-40. (.pdf - 267 KB)
Nora Milne, "Book Review: Copper Woman and Other Poems by Afua Cooper )," pp. i-ii. (.pdf - 73.1 KB)
Bonna Rouse, "Book Review: Reflections by Kathleen James," pp. ii-iii. (.pdf - 113 KB)
Amelia Ferguson, "5th Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. iv-vi (.pdf - 214 KB)
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Volume 5 (2008)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Karin Foster, "Yesterday's Ordeal is Today's Adventure," pp. 1-4. (.pdf - 38.5 KB)
Heritage Article, "Former Slave's Daughter, Elizabeth (Hall) Hornby, 96, Born in Owen Sound," pp. 15-18. (.pdf - 138 KB)
Heritage Article, "Presque Isle," pp. 19-20. (.pdf - 58.3 KB)
Heritage Article, "Mrs. E. Wellwood Dies in Hospital Early Sunday A.M.," pp. 21-22. (pdf. - 138 KB)
Joan Hyslop, "Guide to the Underground Railroad Sampler Quilt," pp. 28-30. (.pdf - 294 KB)
Amelia Ferguson, "6th Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. vi-ix. (.pdf - 325 KB)
Lisa Wodhams, "To Educate our Hearts: The 145th Emancipation Celebration," pp. xiii-xix. (.pdf - 924 KB)
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Volume 6 (2009)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Joan Hyslop, "From Slavery to Freedom: African Canadians in Grey County ~ Artefact Highlights," pp. 5-7. (.pdf - 117 KB)
Lisa Plante, "Questions About Black History Education Programming at Grey Roots Museum and Archives," pp. 8-10. (.pdf - 269 KB)
Heritage Article, H.G. Tucker, "Old Age: Daddy Hall's Three Century Span," pp. 33-34. (.pdf - 234 KB)
Heritage Article, Dorothea Deans, "Daughter of 'Daddy' Hall Lived on Pleasure Grounds When Wild Animals Roamed," pp. 35-41. (.pdf - 214 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Book Review: The Hanging of Angelique: The Untold Story of Canadian Slavery and the Burning of Montreal by Afua Cooper," pp. i-iii. (.pdf - 358 KB)
Amelia Ferguson, "146th Emancipation Festival," pp. ix-xiii. (.pdf - 925 KB)
Amelia Ferguson, "7th Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. vi-viii. (.pdf - 411 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "CFHA ~ An Evening with the Canadian Friends Historical Association," xiv-xvii. (.pdf - 86.3 KB)
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Volume 7 (2010)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Interview with Karolyn Smardz Frost, Author of I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad," pp. 1-10. (.pdf - 207 KB)
Joan Hyslop, "Black Pioneers: Artefacts in the Grey County Gallery," pp. 11-13. (.pdf - 206 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Land's Memory: Looking for Traces of the Old Durham Road Black Pioneer Settlement," pp. 14-21. (.pdf - 808 KB)
Heritage Article, Dorothea Deans, "Memory Illumines Days for Samuel G. Harrison, 93 Years Old and Blind," pp. 23-26. (.pdf - 235 KB)
Heritage Article, Dorothea Deans, "Owen Sound B.M.E. Church Monument to Pioneers' Faith Altar of Present Coloured Folk," pp. 27-32. (.pdf - 151 KB)
Heritage Article, J.J. Pratt, "Early Negro Families Who Settled in Owen Sound are Recalled by Ex-Resident," pp. 33-35. (.pdf - 163 KB)
Karin Noble, "8th Annual Grey County Black History Event," pp. 45-47. (.pdf - 147 KB)
Trevor Parsons and Karin Noble, "147th Emancipation Celebration Festival," pp. 49-51. (.pdf - 148 KB)
Cindy Newton, "Book Review: Braids by Robert Munsch," pp. 55-56. (.pdf - 102 KB)
Cindy Newton, "Book Review: A Desperate Road to Freedom: The Underground Railway Diary of Julia May Jackson by Karleen Bradford," pp. 57-62. (.pdf - 77.1 KB)
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Volume 8 (2011)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Interview withs Carolynn Wilson," pp. 4-12. (.pdf - 141 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Finding Ned Patterson," pp. 13-23. (.pdf - 580 KB)
Joan Hyslop, "Black Pioneers: Artefacts in the Grey County Gallery," pp. 28-30. (.pdf - 192 KB)
Heritage Article, Various 1924 Oliver Quarry Accident Articles, pp. 34-40. (.pdf - 198 KB)
Cindy Newton, "New Black History Program at Grey Roots," pp. 42-43. (.pdf - 270 KB)
Cecilie Posthumus, "148th Emancipation Celebration Festival," pp. 44-47. (.pdf - 507 KB)
Cindy Newton, "Book Review: My Name is Phyllis Wheatley: A Story of Slavery and Freedom and My Name is Henry Bibb: A Story of Slavery and Freedom by Afua Cooper," pp. 49-50. (.pdf - 87.5 KB)
Sarina Ryan, "Book Review: David by Ray Robertson," pp. 51-53. (.pdf - 120 KB)
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Volume 9 (2012)
Cover (.pdf - 141 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 16 KB)
Joan Hyslop, "Sailors' Suppers," 22-24. (.pdf - 386 KB)
Heritage Obituaries, 1800-1920, pp. 26-37. (.pdf - 153 KB)
Heritage Article, "Colored Benefit Concert," p. 38. (.pdf - 73.4 KB)
Terri Jackson and Karin Noble, "9th Grey County Black History Event and Launch of Northern Terminus, Vol. 8," pp. 40-41. (.pdf - 278 KB)
Naomi Norquay, "Black History Field Trip for Teachers," pp. 42-43. (.pdf - 260 KB)
Nikita Johnston, "149th Emancipation Celebration Festival," pp. 44-48. (.pdf - 547 KB)
Volume 10 (2013)
Cover (.pdf - 392 KB)
Table of Contents (.pdf - 413 KB)
Heritage Obituaries, 1921-1935, pp. 32-39. (.pdf - 316 KB)
Kate Scroggie, "150th Emancipation Celebration Festival," pp. 48-53. (.pdf - 436 KB)


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