For Home and Country: The Women's Institutes of Grey County

Look at a TweedsmuirWelcome to our assemblage of 77 Tweedsmuir History volumes from our archival collection which have been digitized, one page at a time. The pages have been scanned by an O.C.R. engine (software which recognizes typed letters and words) to make them searchable. Please note that when pages are handwritten, or faded, they are only partially searchable. You can also search and view photographs. 

There have been more WI branches in Grey than profiled here in reference to Tweedsmuir Histories made available by the project. If you are interested in a branch you don't see here, see Federated Women's Institute of Ontario resource charting branches across Ontario since in 1897. [External link]

Further Reading and Resources:
~What is the Women's Institute? ~What is a Tweedsmuir?
~Who is Adelaide Hunter Hoodless? ~Teacher's Programming


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