Moreston Farm Animals

Come meet our animals this summer at Moreston Heritage Village! 

Holstein 2017Holstein Calves
Two Holstein heifers are spending their summer at Grey Roots.  On loan from a local dairy farmer, these girls will be raised to be milking cows.  Holsteins originated in Holland and first came to Canada in 1881.  Although it took some time before they became popular, during depression years, these cows proved their worth due to their superior milk production and in the 21st century, represent 94% of Canada’s dairy stock.  Our calves have been pail-fed and are very friendly.
Three laying hens are enjoying a vacation at the chicken coop by the Log House.  As egg production was an important part of farm life, these chickens represent the important role as suppliers of food and “egg money” upon which family farms once depended.  Thanks to the Sutherland farm, these hens provide us with eggs every day too!



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